All New Firestick 2 KODI 16.1 Install Tutorial

New FireStick Kodi 16.1 installed for the newly released Firestick.

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2 thoughts on “All New Firestick 2 KODI 16.1 Install Tutorial

  1. Hi, followed all instruction, by mistake I did reset instead of force quite
    when it lite builds. When I go to kodi I get the initial screen instead of
    the new skin one, I tried to exit and go back and still get the initial
    screen where u do all the set up. How can I fix it? Thx

  2. If your already have Kodi 16 installed on the Fire Stick with the TV ADD ON
    source do you need to uninstall Kodi to use the Fire Stick Setup and Fire
    Stick Add On source in your video or can you juct add the Fire Stick Guru
    add on?

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