Digi OTA & Kodi Jarvis

This is Cowboy Curtis and I would like to welcome you to my instructional video series for Digixstream media participates. In this video I will be walking you through the most recent OTA update, it contains the brand-new account of Kodi known as Jarvis. The brand-new firmware has some cool features and a new look. On your home screen scroll over to the OTA carton. Press OK and a meaning carton should pop up and ask you if you want to download the brand-new revise. Highlight Download and press OK. It will begin to download the folder. This will take a bit of epoch, in order to be allowed to delay this video until you see this screen, when you see it resume this video. You must make sure both of these cartons are checked before you proceed to the next step. When both cartons are checked Select install and press OK. Formerly again you will need to wait a bit. Just like before delay this video until you consider the screen visualized here.

This screen is called the accepted screen. You will need to go through the steps to do the basic setup and attachment. Let’s talk about screen size. This is the most commonly misunderstood items in the setup. Use the down arrow on your remote to wither the screen. Examine for a pitch-black mete to begin to show around the edges as the percentage reductions. When you consider the box stop. Use the up arrow to enlarge the picture until the leading edge of the picture really contacts the leading edge of your screen. Formerly you are happy with it Press OK. Adopt your programme of connecting to the internet. I am exercising an Ethernet.

If you need more facilitate better that you should watch my other video on connecting to the internet. Hand-picked finish and press OK. This is the new Home Page. I would love to know your thoughts. Send me a meaning on Digixstream4 11. com or my Facebook page. One of the cool occasions this Firmware does is auto sync the Time, date, location, and weather. You might have to change the time zone. Scroll to the right until you consider Date and Time. Highlight it and press ok. Scroll up or down to find your time zone to select the time zone, highlight it and press ok.

I am in Texas so I will choose Central, once it is changed; press the Home button on your remote. Now we need to wait about five minutes. Delay this video and go have a cup of tea or a soda. If you sit and look at the time it is going to feel like eternally. When at the least 5 minutes have past resume this video. Depart into Kodi. If you don’t see this depict on the home screen you will need to go into the Digixstream implements on the home screen and select alternative 5.

Otherwise go into video add-ons and select! OnlyWizard and rebut the questions for the setup. When it is done you will see this box, press OK on your remote. This will automatically take you out of Kodi and right back into it. Devote it a few minutes and you wish to explore. I hope this video helps make updating your OTA and Kodi easier. Thanks for watching and glad streaming.

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