How to install KODI 18 LEIA Best Apk Build – Install the

Kodi 18 LEIA is now in APK Form and is available with one click install. The easiest way to install

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6 thoughts on “How to install KODI 18 LEIA Best Apk Build – Install the

  1. Just downloaded this on my One Plus 5 T and it is absolutely brilliant……it works a treat and once you link it Real Debrid it just something else. Thanks a million. Can I add this build to my Mac?

  2. Everything went great except the part to delete the unwanted builds with the “i”.
    It asked me to use a different pin number etc and never said to delete the unwanted builds like yours did. A different box came up so I was not able to delete those to save space. Please show me a way to delete those other builts that R not needed. If it doesn’t hurt to have them then I can leave them on. Thanks.

  3. Awesome build!!! Thanks… Question for ya though… everytime i get a movie going is seems to get laggy.. anything you can help out with that? Thanks in advance

  4. Hi there, is this 18 apk build official now. it was a month ago since you published this video. I have a new android box with nothing on it and would like to add the most up to date kodi.

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