Install The NEW Beast with Working IPTV for KODI –

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10 thoughts on “Install The NEW Beast with Working IPTV for KODI –

    1. +Tanvir Khan did you get it to work? if not, when you get to the part where
      it says to click OK to restart kodi don’t do that. just hold the power
      button down on your phone and restart it that way. that’s how I got it to
      work on my note 5 and my tablet.

    2. I’ve done the same steps. However, after I close Kodi and open it again
      it’s still the same set up and hasn’t changed anything. Any idea how to fix

  1. any idea why I keep getting this pop-up NOT CONNECTED This device is not
    connected to the Internet please check your Wi-Fi setting or make sure the
    ethernet cable is plugged in. I have reinstalled this 3 times already. any
    help would be appreciated.

  2. Hey I tried to install the beast onto kodi on my firestick but when I click
    install from zip file the plugin doesn’t appear and I followed the steps

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