Jack Bower Zen June Settings Repair 2017

Jack Bower Zen June Settings Repair 2017
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5 thoughts on “Jack Bower Zen June Settings Repair 2017

  1. Just FYI I had issue with your settings where it would jump to openload even with them turned off I play around with it and turning the provider timeout back to 13 seconds fixed the issue

  2. Jack, I followed your video to the T & when I try to load a movie it shows preparing sources 0%. After a few minutes it will show a few providers it stops working & I’m back to the movie section. PLEASE HELP. Thanks

  3. Thanks for getting back to me. I have 16.1 jarvis on my firestick. I’ll try your suggestions & hope they work. I like Zen alot & right now most of the movies are cam which SUCKS big time.

  4. Are Google links still down? I know the settings in your video are designed to prioritize g links. if they are still down should I stay with your settings?

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