kodi Leia 18 beats kodi 17.5. want smooth clean and fast

I tried several Leia builds but this one was best in class, best kodi build I’ve tested since

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19 thoughts on “kodi Leia 18 beats kodi 17.5. want smooth clean and fast

  1. Hi Mitch, steven ramkisson did a liea build about 5 months ago called the Liea artsy build, give that a try it’s pretty good and it’s on ares wizard under Steven. Ive used it several times. Paul….UK

  2. I’m running Leia since the beginning. It is the most stable version there has ever been. I update daily the latest nightly version, but I can live with that. I haven’t installed any build, but I manually installed all the hot addons (don’t need all the other crap) and they all do work perfectly. The skin I use is the Estuary Mod V2 (especially made for Leia), which is really amazing and fully customisable.

  3. I haven’t tried to install this yet but it looks good. As mentioned before I’m really frustrated and fed up so am wary here of trying to install. I guess I won’t know until I try it! Do you know what individual addons I could use? I don’t really need a build as my husband and I only watch lots of movies and tv. No sports, live tv or music. I’m not tech savvy, just an older lady doing the best that I can. Thanks so much for all your videos.

  4. This looks pretty good – I will have to check it out – I would like to ask are you having trouble with Bob Unleashed, Covenant, Elysium or Exodus? Something happened last night while I was watching a show and ever since on all these I get “No Streams Available”. I have tried both my android box and my PC and get the same thing.

  5. Mitch: Your a little confusing. Just last week you said dont install 17.5 so quick as it might have bugs( which was right). However now your telling us to install nightlys

  6. I have 17,5 on my shield do I need to uninstall it, or can you have both on 17 and Leila ? Thank you…
    And do you recommend 64 bit…what is the difference in 34 bit and 64bit…I add all the addons you have recommended…thanks…

  7. You do know you could give credit when credit is due. This is not a Gracie 242 Build … It is a Teverz Build …Like in ME

  8. I am not sure why the Play Using from Favourites is only showing 2 addons however I am still having problems with both Covenant and Elysium – normally there are like 15 addons there and ones that I have installed on this build so is there a way to put them in the play using module to pick from – makes no sense I cant launch other video addons that I know are used in other builds in the play using – any thoughts or suggestions?

  9. download and installed Android version dated 20171110 tonight but when starting Kodi it it shows krypton 17.5 not 18? Uninstalled previous version before installing.

  10. Mitch I need to know all info about side loading ie how to do it could you post instructions for us newbies?? Or could anyone else post them Please. thanks

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