KODI SKIN HYBRID – How to Install Hybrid Skin in KODI/XBMC

How to install a hybrid skin and KODI the hybrid skin is from the super repo repository if you don’t have super repo repository watch this video on how to install super repo on KODI then ran back to this video to persist now with super repo installed in KODI go to System Settings add-ons and enter on install from zip file now interim super repo folder pick your KODI form enter in categories and two operates skins and reinstalling the schemes repo zip file after this go back to install from repository now install from repository now interim super repost concern category and reinstalling the skin called hybrid and this is how you install a hybrid skin and KODI to go back to the original skin and her own system and an impression select the skin “youre feeling” more comfy thanks for watching and subscribe to see you in the next videos Heartens

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