Super New Build for Kodi – Kryptonite! Includes DNA

*Discontinued* Here is a simple, yet effective build for kodi.

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19 thoughts on “Super New Build for Kodi – Kryptonite! Includes DNA

  1. Nice build i have only a problem with hour after reboot various time it
    start on 7 pm can not change also date is august 31 1969 any way to be able
    to fix ?

  2. Hey, a little new to this whole Kodi programming. What’s the best way to
    clear your system back to a fresh start? Great video by the way. Finally
    someone that speaks clear with correct grammar!

    1. You can an use the addon installer to install fresh start. Use the fusion
      repo or super repo to find it. The Url are in the description of this
      video. Thanks for your support and feedback.

  3. Rockcrusher and Woody phoenix add on apparently have gone in a new
    direction. But a link in the pulse build to 24/7 TV is fully operational
    pulling out of phoenix but if you try to link to Woody is down gone in a
    new Direction it’s says..

  4. what version kodi, I’ll just keep looking, probably why im not getting
    krypyonite, im trying with 16.0 kodi

    1. +KRAZ inabox (KrAz) wow, friend of mine just turned me onto it yesterday,
      he has a nice kodi build, thanks for the update, I tried a few times
      unsuccessfully, again, thx

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