The Beast Encore 2 Build for KODI / XBMC faster than

There are 2 main versions of The Beast. The standard one is the most

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7 thoughts on “The Beast Encore 2 Build for KODI / XBMC faster than

  1. Hi Dimitri. This build of beast encore 2 looks really nice. I’ve followed
    your instruction but keep getting the prompt “unable to connect couldn’t
    retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being
    connected. Would you like to add it anyway” I have been able to add the
    beast 14.1 but this one escapes me
    please help what can I do?

  2. I am seriously disappointed eith this Chris B. If you’re going to be
    creating builds for Kody, then by make it difficult for people to access.
    By you making it where we have to get a pin number first to access or
    active them, makes it just ridiculous. The other day I also tried to go to
    the website for the pin number, and he also now request for people to email
    him first to get a pin number fekm him. Dude seriously what the fuck, I
    like your builds but fuck your bullshit process to access your builds. You
    went from this guy Chris, is hella cool with his builds and the stuff he
    has going on in Kody. To fuck your bullshit process to gain access to your
    builds. You are straight ouy are making that shit more difficult foe people
    to use them, to the point where people are just gonna end up saying, fuck
    your bullshit and look else where like me. Duces!!!

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