The Latest Release of The Beast for Kodi is out NOW!

The Latest Release of The Beast for Kodi is out NOW!

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7 thoughts on “The Latest Release of The Beast for Kodi is out NOW!

    1. I think I’m having the same issue because it doesn’t has all the add ons.
      So you just deleted kodi 15? Then just started over? Or is there and easier
      way ?

  1. I tried installing on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with Kodi 15.2 and I go
    through all the steps and it installs and extracts then says I have to hit
    “ok” to force close Kodi and when I do that, I get a Spartan Wizard Error
    message and Kodi does NOT close and when I restart it myself the build is
    not there. Can you please help me and tell me what I might be doing wrong?
    It’s a tablet so I don’t know if that matters but there is over 14GBs of
    space on it.

  2. My add-ons are not updating with the Beast I installed 10/5/15 on my Fire
    TV Stick. I go to system, add-ons and it shows available updates. I select
    it and there is a long list of add-ons with updates available. I’ve tried
    selecting update all and have selected the add-ons individually and
    selected update. Nothing appears to happen. Any ideas on whats wrong.

  3. Kodi will not launch the Beast I can get Spartan up but not the Beast if I
    try from scratch and load the Beast I get the Kodi default.
    If I load Spartan I can launch the Spartan build but if I try to load the
    beast ether from scratch or after I loaded Spartan it will not launch I
    have checked the skin and I have Aeon Nox 5 sIlvo
    I am running kodi 15.2 I also tried Kodi 15.1 and had the same result
    I checked users/me/appdata/roaming/kodi/addons/packages and the Beast and
    Spartan are there.
    Any Help?

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