The Royalist update and how to install it and still

Here is another update for the Royalist and this time more UI

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7 thoughts on “The Royalist update and how to install it and still

    1. +Tech Timeruuu I believe I may need to update the version of kodi from 14.1
      to 15.1 this may be the cause of my problems and if you got time I would
      really appreciate you do a video of how to set up iptv in detail explain if
      I can use 15.1 or explain what happens if I use Jarvis I know target did
      something like this but I like the way you explain it just take your time
      and cover all scenarios I would also appreciate it if you did a video on
      the best device in your opinion to run kodi from a profitable/ reliable
      pov. Also a video of the raspberry pi2 would be great from start to finish.

    1. +Tech Timeruuu is this compatible with Apple Tv2? I’m looking for a ATV2
      friendly build. So far nothing works, besides the boring basic Kodi
      confluence. Thanks

    2. +Tech Timeruuu​​​
      I figured it wasn’t gonna work.. On my ipad.. after I had installed it.. .
      I’m trying so c if using a remote on a separate device works.. N looks like
      it is I’m using on my galaxy note 5

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