The smallest build ever 46MB The Royalist and How To

Small build that packs a big PUNCH! Just updated the Royalist and

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2 thoughts on “The smallest build ever 46MB The Royalist and How To

  1. This is by far my favorite build. I started off with The Beast on the
    firestick and now I use a Raspberry Pi 2 running The Royalist build! +Tech
    Timeruuu Thanks again!

  2. T.T. I’ve been a fan for a long time, however I do have some friendly
    suggestions that would help your viewers. In each one of your videos, under
    the published section – you should include information on which KODI
    version works best with your builds. I suggest writing up a how-to page on
    your website that covers the environment setup/installation on 2 or 3 of
    the most popular devices, such as: Firestick, & FireTV etc. Then you can
    put a link to that page and you won’t have to keep answering so many of the
    same questions. While you’re at it.. add a PayPal donate button man!

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