Watch all the latest movies & TV shows in Kodi without installing any add-on or repo. The best Kodi build in 2018 period.



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  1. I followed every step carefully until where you choose the build you want-no build was showing. I wasted a whole day on this hastily prepared video and the result was a corrupted android box , which I am still trying to rectify. never again Solo man.

  2. cant get it to work for me. i think my kodi might be a new er verion but was easy to adapt and follow. when i go to package instaler/instal from zip/legion builds is missing from the next page. the only options i have are images, and

  3. it’s owesome just like the build I was looking for only con it’s not updated example the big bang theory is in season 11 and here has only season 9 ; 10 and 11 are missing
    way to update?

  4. Solo man could you check out “Area 51 apk” and let me know what you think about it. please I want to here from you

  5. Yo!!! Doesn’t work for me!! It only has 3 options no builds?? Why is it everything I see in here never works like it does to SOLO?!?🤔

  6. You was cool when I first subscribed to you but you so scared now you not telling us how to do it there’s no sense to tell us how great it is and then we still don’t know how to do it you keep going off subject you put the link down I don’t speak Spanish that’s not fair to me I don’t know what country you live in but you like to England guys everything is for them to help people in America that buy Android boxes to we want to see American TV shows I downloaded UK Turks everything was fine and then that site went out to so you talk too fast you jump out of subject I’m about to unsubscribe from you because what you’re telling me is not working

  7. This did not work for me, I deleted Kodi and tried again on my firestick and on my Windows 10 PC. I have the same complaint as others. Wizard instead of legion. Different choices.

  8. followed all the updated steps 4 or 5 times, just keeps crashing! maybe doesn’t work with rassberry pi3 kodi vr 17.6?

  9. I had great hopes for this build, but after installing it, it just keeps freezing every single time, It ruined my installation I don’t know how to uninstall this other than making a fresh clean install of Kodi all over again. I am using Kodi in a Raspberry Pi 3 BTW.

  10. I added this to my kodi when you first uploaded this video and movies work fine. But today I wanted to watch a Tv show but nothing opens I have the list of shows but none of them open. I also don’t have the year 2018 in my movie list

  11. Garbage, locked my stick up and couldn’t delete it, gonna try and delete kodi and download all my old stuff.

  12. Is it still working? Kodi updated to 17.6 failed to install build on pc. On android devices I get “can not connect to repository”. Anyone else have this issue?

  13. Hi Solo… I have installed the Freeworld build. It look great except that Kodi keeps crashing within 1 min of startup?

  14. I even tried at the flix addon from maverick repo and it will not play the 24/7 shows… that’s weird.
    Soloman can u help?

  15. Noticed that this build comes with some crap leftover on it. User history should be cleaned when packing builds. Things like the “In progress movies” shouldn’t be there. Lot of trash and nosenses also on the Playlists. Playlist by Country makes no sense, Argentina for example listing crap.

  16. Lol so u add no addons, except for the addons that were added. Making simple things so hard for nothing

  17. Wow is all I can say. I’ve been a fan of you Solo Man for a while & unlike other guys videos on youtube I don’t read the comments before testing what you recommend to be sure its safe. Some of the stuff you recommend I like & some i don’t but i’m always interested in what you have to say & have always trusted you. Well this one did me in because it deleted all my addons so now I’ve got to start Kodi from scratch again if I don’t like this build & I don’t like it. Some may like this & some may not but this is not just an addon but also a build which is something I’ve tried to stay away from once I understood how to work with Kodi. I don’t know what prompted you to do this video but with all the good stuff you’ve come up with this one has done a lot of damage to your credibility in my eyes. I wish you well & hope you do better going forward.

  18. Why didn’t you warn us that downloading this will delete all of our current add-ons? Why does it delete all of our current add-ons? And why doesn’t it work the way you describe in this video? Not happy at all.

  19. solo man this is the 3rd video of yours I have tried over the past few months with your suggestions, they have all been bad advice. Going back to Titanium wizard, much less hassle and it works better.

  20. Soloman, I have just installed this KodiBuild installed over a regular Kodi version of my windows 7 computer which was not working properly anymore. It works now perfect again with all the last movies available for streaming. Thanks, great job; I am a fan on the positive way you present your show. Tried some other tricks of you on my android TV box and they just work all fine. Sometimes of course you have to adjust the installation procedure, because not every hardware and software react simularly, people seem to forget that sometimes and get frustrated. For me this is just an extra challenge. Keep up the good work.

  21. Why not release this is a stand alone video add on? wizards are no good and this crap will not find its way to my box(es)

  22. I had to reload kodi to get Legion to work. I finally got it working and it won’t show me any 2018 material. I haven’t been able to watch any new tv episodes . What is going on? For instance I search the walking dead, it doesn’t even show me anything from this year. It acts like were still in 2017.

  23. Something is wrong with the build. I have installed it on different devices, and it may stay on for a few minutes idle, but when you start to do anything it will randomly crash. 2 different fire tvs and a firestick. tried installing and retying, no change

  24. There’s no car SOS or wheeler dealers, just checking stuff out on this, only back to the future 1 and no 2 or 3,,,, not knocking this but yet it is faster…

  25. “Watch all the latest movies & TV shows in Kodi without installing any add-on or repo. The best Kodi build in 2018 period.


    LMAO, that description is funny!

  26. Does anyone know if you can get this to work with Trakt? I love this program and have so much stuff in it…

  27. Great videos i tried to install it follow your instructions but i think i am doing something wrong. What version kodi? Im using a matricom box.

  28. I just sideloaded this on a zidoo X6 with 16.1 the old school way…Pa.pow this is working great thanks so much …Legion of a freeworld you rock

  29. Cool, but I think you’re missing something very ironic.. “Latest movies and TV shows without installing any add-on or repo” JUST INSTALL THIS ADD-ON.. bwhahaha

  30. check and see if Gregory Hines movie “Good Luck” can be found. Also whether all 18 episodes of “Texas John Slaughter” can be found (in English)

    1. What is your definition of “do not work”? Evidently it is working or you would not be aware of it not having “new movies or tv shows.” What is your expectation of something that is free? I”ve been using it for 4 weeks on windows 7 and 10, Krypton and Kodi 18. In the past, I have seen this same type of thing happen with some “All in One”video add ons such as the now out of business STREAM HUB. There a lot of shows and episode available but not not all[of them ].And so far, no 2018 movies and more current tv shows. This build seems to want to do a lot of things and maybe one day those other episodes and 2018 movies will be added. Remember this is free ,not perfect. Just my thoughts.

  31. I am very grateful for this, but at least FINISH each step before the repetitive babble. Thanx.

    “I don’t wanna make this video too long” *continues to talk about nothing important*

    1. You do not have to. This build will[apprently] remove all your settings, and[apprently Purge your data] before installing the World Free build. I personally started with a blank copy of Kodi just to lessen the possible software conflict caused by any remaining traces of prior software. It may be overkill but it eliminates that possibility. If you like your current build and your current add ons, consider backing it up or saving it to a flash card, ext etc. Note Solo Man’s discalimer. In the description, following #3►Select the last build called KodiBuild. The next sentence in parentheses says, “(This build will override your existing setup)”. Not being smart at this Kodi stuff, before installing anything on my pcs, or other devices, I read the description and the comments from other end users. If you need to supplement what Solo Man has done here go to Troypoint at:. I hope this helps.

  32. Hey soloman love the set up, but just that the library update everytime i turn on kodi. I have my setting do not update when start up, the library still scan for new contents everytimes. How do i turn the auto update off, its quite annoying. Thanks keep up the good work

    1. +Dung Ho, I’ve been googling and reading what I could and this seems to have a long standing issue with Kodi’s Estuary skin. There does not seem to be any thing that can be done about it, unless your are tech geeky smart on coding and kodi. As I am neither and World Free is free, it is just something for all of us to live with or use one of our other favorite builds, as a backup opotion, or move on to something else. Using this with various windows machines, I like what it is doing and what it can potentially do. However, I am not solely reliant on this build nor am I kicking my other customized builds to the side. Each of these builds offer something a little different in meeting the viewing needs of my family.

  33. This is the first video of you that I dislike. it is just terrible! it keep freezing and stuck. don’t install this

  34. hey solo man just letting you know that there is this app and apk called movie playbox? you can get it from the play store or from any browser you can get an apk for it two? I just got it . I think it might be a fork for terrarium. who knows right ? what i do know is this is much better than terrarium. maybe its something to check out to see for your self. ( a little hint you have to uninstall terrarium for movie playbox to work.) I think it works alot smoother and play very good little to no buffering also check it out you might like it or not i dont know?

  35. is there an update on how to install this. it doesnt say anything about builds. very minimal in the folder

  36. Solo man can you check out Upfiring file sharing platform and let me know what you think. It’s file sharing that you get paid to use

  37. Solo Man, I have U2C Z Plus Smart TV Box Octa Core 2GB +16GB 4K Ultra HD 2.4+5G Dual Wifi BT4.1. I have a download speed of 40mbps. Nothing I select plays it freezes everytime I have to pause it then wait ~ 15 mins before I can watch anything . I have done the TT write to file for cashe optimization and installed root booster, what am I doing wrong?

  38. This is terrible. Search for something and you get multiple results of the same thing. Quite a few searches come up with no results when other add-ons had plenty. Uninstalling

  39. How do you uninstall? Doesn’t have my shows. Search comes up with zero results. Need to go back to regular Kodi

    1. Not exactly sure how… I haven’t had this box for very long. This installed build changed the look of everything.

  40. Solo Man ….you said you don’t need to have any add-ons for this to work, but I have only Exodus in my 17.6 version and it is not working for me. What do I do ?

    1. That is correct, this is a build which contains no addons whatsoever. Ooofff Exodus hasn’t been working right for a while, install some of the new forks available out there, they seem to perform much better.

  41. Wake up man. 1st of all incomplete video. 2nd exactly followed what he said but it’s not working. Why people giving positive feedback.

    1. People are giving and will always give positive feedback because I’ve helped them save TONS of money with over ONE THOUSAND instructional videos which none of them cost a DIME to watch. Get it? any other question before I ban you from my show?

  42. This does not work for me. How do I uninstall and go back to basic kodi. I do not see all of the options in settings anymore. Is there a fresh start option?

    1. Hmmm, I don’t think it is on you lol Comprendo esta trabajando, . This build is a son of a gun lol. It seems to act/install differently from device to device and don’t throw in the different versions of Kodi, with the various devices to really stir things up lol .I’ve been using it in Windows 7 and 10, going on 5 weeks. It has done okay for me over 5 windows machines. For some folks with Fire Sticks, it works fine while others it doesn’t or the have install problems. Folks with boxes, say including Invdia Shield, can also similar experiences. .PLease know that this is a large build. It seems that depending of the device, you want to have as much space as possible. Maybe considering using a utility or manually clearing the device’s cache, thumbnails, packages and then shutting down the device(including power).Give it a minute, power to the device, turn on the device, fire up a clean copy of Kodi, and try installing Free World.I’m no tech. So I am giving you an operater’s input on this stuff. Let’s have you try this: With no disrespect intended to Solo Man, go to Troypoint at: . I believe the text and video might be a help. It did for me and others that have visited this video. Oh and lastly, try to be patient. Once installed, it is loading up A LOT of updates and stuff.This is not, to me, like other builds you may have tried. This one seems to need more than 5 minutes to deal with whatever it is up loading. I hope this helps you Have a great day..

    2. vinyltapelover yes I’ve noticed that kind of annoying but that’s worth anything got to figure it out don’t have the time right now so I got frustrated

    3. erock 1 you are not alone how this build can frustrate any of us lol. This is not a perfect build but it does what does and can be pretty cool to use, with a wireless or bluetooth keyboard and your big screen in your entertainment area. Personally, I am using a laptop, hdmi out to the tv and running it through a/v receiver. If you do get FW up and running, tweak it with your favorite video add ons and go and check out for streaming currrent tv and movie programs. FW has adult content, that is not password protected. That content will appear on the Estuary Home screen by default. Watch out if you have kids etc. nearby until, if you choose, to Remove the folder they come out of. Oh yeah, one other thing, you can use SPMC to put a second build on your Fire Stick. Therefore you can have a build in kodi and a 2nd onE in SPMC.

  43. Everything here is old. Wipes all your other addons. Install at your own peril. Now rebuilding from scratch!

    1. Solo Man posted a discalimer, in the description, following #3►Select the last build called KodiBuild. The next sentence in parentheses says, “(This build will override your existing setup)”. Not being smart at this Kodi stuff, before installing anything on my pcs, or other devices, I read the description and the comments from end users. . I personally start with a blank copy of Kodi just to lessen the possible any software conflict caused by any remaining traces of prior software. It may be overkill but it eliminates that possibility.

  44. Following your instructions installs an extremely ugly and incompetent interface. Not sure what I am doing wrong but this isn’t the default Kodi. It’s a total mess.

    1. You’re not doing anything wrong nor Solo Man. Through the weeks, I’ve come to learn that this goes back to the builder of Free World and any changes and updates, to the Free World build, If it is a matter of the skin try the following. To Change from the Confluence skin to Estuary skin: SYSTEM(or you can “CLICK” on Settings)> INTERFACE>SKIN>”CLICK” ON SKIN CONFLUENCE>INTERFACE SETTINGS>”CLICK ON” ESTUARY>KEEP THIS CHANGE? -‘CLICK” YES. You’re done.

    1. Deleting a build, I believe, can differ with each device. My thinking is to Google search your question including your name of your device.. There is plenty of text and you tube info to guide you.

  45. When I clicked on the search icon it said I have to download the global search add-on. I did and still nothing could be found.

  46. Doesn’t work, There other items you have to install first before this works, So this video is misleading, what do you have to install for this to work.

    1. With no disrespect intended to Solo Man, go to Troypoint at:. I believe the clarifying text and pictures of screenshots might be a help. It did for me and others that have visited this url..

  47. Terrible video! You have to install an add on and after you do that it still doesn’t work! Get your head out of your ass dummy

  48. How do I change it from Exodus only displaying 50 items per page and there is no next page tab? I checked all the settings I don’t know how to fix it please help

  49. stremio is way better than kodi, fast loading and way easier to use. Even easier to add add ons than kodi. May not go back to kodi

    1. Curious! There is no 1916 Resource to select ,movies from. Charlie Chaplin, from 1917 is fun to watch. Have a great day.

    1. It does work, but admittedly, not for everyone’s device or devices. For someone to possibly give some you some help, input is needed regarding the device(being used), the Kodi version, and how far along you got and what screen was showing at that point. Have a great day.

  50. Trying kodi for 1st time so mine is a fresh install. After install from zip I’m not getting the kodibuild. I have image folder, zip and repository zip.

  51. I have installed this twice now with the same results. it is a build with Freeworld behind it. That is fine but this doesn’t give me the standard KODI look as described. It seems very slow as well. Can you help me? I am pretty much a newbie.

  52. Hi good morning my friend does fox news works on kodi YouTube shrinks the screen and most streams are old fox news is the only one thank you you have a awesome wonderful day today.


  54. Beware! This thing takes over your Lodi box completely – made ours useless…not an add in but completely takes over….and hardly works. We are very disappointed

  55. Works brilliantly for me. I was thisclose to throwing out my Android box as nothing would work – very few providers to choose from; constant buffering, very slow load times – but this build is awesome. Some TV shows I can’t find (yet?), but everything I have been watching has been quick and flawless. 100 times better than before. Thanks Solo Man!!

  56. He says without installing a single add-on then tells you how to install an add-on. Are you fucking stupid?

  57. I just downloaded Kodi again and the links r great but the movies or shows are distorted and to big for screen how do I fix that?

  58. Doesn’t have much content plus it changed the whole layout back to the old style Kodi with freeworld wallpaper that I wouldn’t go away after uninstalling kodi on retropie

  59. Dont ever, never,not even a little bit take advice from…someone that drives a Honda! Furthermore the search option that dumb ass is dribbling about has been out, it all depends on what add-on youre using.

  60. Garbage …and it deletes everything installed in Kodi.
    TV programs are a couple of YEARS behind.
    Totally p****d off !.

  61. This makes my Kodi 17.6 crash. Is a brand new installation of Kodi. Can you tell me why this is happening please?

    1. What kind of device are you using? If you feel up to trying, one more time to install FW, and with no disrespect intended to Solo Man, go to Troypoint at:. I believe the clarifying text and pictures of screenshots might be a help. It did for me and others that have visited this url..

    2. ultraDisko Very good. Patence is necessary with this buid. Be sure to note the part of powering it off, and the case of the ‘Stick, unplugging it.Then wait, just for the heck of it, about 5 minutes Before reapplying power/plugging it plugging it up to the power source. Then open Kodi. As with pcs and various types of electronic devices(tv’s, electronic home phones etc) powering down the device allows the changes or software to take effect at restart. One last thought, unlike other builds, that you may have installed, the ‘Stick needs a lot of time to install the Free World updates and whatever software goes into it. So advisably, don’t touch your remote or keyboard as any input, however minor, may interfere or conflict with what it has to do. I too own a “Stick. Considering the the type of device it is and that it requires wifi, the more time, given to load up, the better. There are other Firestick owners who have successfully installed and are using World Free. Once it is up and running, in the Estuary screen, be careful clicking on the five white World Free tiles. If you wish to pass protect them or remove them, I found out what to do. Okay. Although it isn’t perfect, you will like this build for what it can potentially do. It may not have every episode of your favorite program. To offset that possible deficiency, you can add your favorite video add ons, to Free World. When I first installed FW, 5 weeks ago, opening and playing video files was pretty quick. Recently, I have noticed, that the files still open quickly. The program will start to play, then freeze(unlike Amazon, Netlfix lol) to, i guess, load up the files. I don’t think it related to my equipment, the ISP etc. It may be that the FW servers are that busy and it also may be attributed to FW’s (HD??)bandwith, like Amazon, Netflix. So after a few seconds to several minutes, it will continue to play without any problems. That’s it for the time being. Let me know how it goes.

    1. Roger Andre Lassen Try to install it, again, on a clean Kodi Krypton. With no disrespect intended to Solo Man, go to Troypoint t:. I believe the clarifying text and pictures might be a help. It did for me and others that have visited this video.Be sure to note powering your device down. Power down then restarting had a lot to do with the new software taking effect.

  62. WARNING this installs a hacked version of Kodi on top of your existing installation WITHOUT the all important RTMP Input. This will break many popular streaming add-ons that rely on RTMP streams including cCloud. Youtubers are quick to make videos without testing fully or telling you the whole story.

  63. When I try to install legion from Zip. it keeps giving me a error about Failing to install. Is this still available?

  64. lol from being under a tree and then being in a car he is in front of his TV this guy is like a teleport loll don’t transport with a fly tho… Not hating obviously just joking around

  65. Kodi as a media platform is great BUT the constant down repos and addons constantly crashing/not loading/ nor updating is all trash – Long Live Apk’s instead – with a gbox or Nvidia shield your set.

  66. thanks for this great build. Is there a way to remove all the dulpicates from the menus? Thanks again

  67. Absolute rubbish build deleted all my favorites and over wrote everything doesn’t even have a simple search function for shows not happy now i have to remove it

  68. all right, this was really terrible. My whole kodi install turned into a kid’s nightmare, my music library and sources were gone, my plugins were disabled and even my TV overscan config (or rather: the size adjustment) was gone. Wow, teaches me to double check any tutorial.

  69. Hi, I installed legionworld, not so happy with it, more buffering as with kodi, my previous addons are still in there but I can’t use them, I want go back to my old Kodi system, how to do that? Or how can I use my previous addones?

  70. The install keeps failing. Even reinstalled kodi. Can someone tell me what I am doing incorrectly. Thanks.

  71. How do you stop it from looking for soding Subtitles when you open a film/tv prog?? Really pissing me off now!

  72. Oh boy is this the end of Solo Man, no Solo Man is back! Which one is it Is Kodi dead or not half the time I can’t get it to play!

  73. Seems like a good interface. But all it does is “scan for new content.” It never FINISHES. Hence I can’t stream anything. Is there a setting I’m supposed to change so it scans at certain times of day?

  74. WOW! But what if I have a bunch of stuff in my local library? will my stuff dilute into all of the results that this addon privides or will I be able to differentiate it?

  75. This guy is terrible. He’s all over the place with his weirdo stories instead of just showing u how to upload the build. And btw the build SUCKS

  76. Hi all. I don’t read all the replays above, but I can explain you how the above build is done. Over the web you can find open directories. With many new movies and series. This open directories can be added to kodi.

  77. Keeps popping up and downloading says “updating multi-path source” really annoying when trying to watch movies

  78. The video quality looks beautiful!!!
    What kind of camera are you shooting your videos with?
    By the way keep up the good work.
    Love your videos!!!

  79. Hi Sole Man,
    I installed this but it is not compatible with my xbmc hub’s operating system. However, I now can’t get my display back to its original size. I don’t have the latest Kodi system, but an older version. So I can’t follow the instructions you gave in your video. The main menus seem to be the right size, it’s only when I go to play movies that the screen is small. Any advice?

  80. But can I watch sports with this add on? I don’t care about movies and series. Specifically rugby, more specific – Super rugby

  81. Scanning and loading while startup and it goes on forever and ever, I don’t know how to stop it. Under settings/video the automatic library update is switched off but still it scans everytime.

  82. Loved the video, but it won’t work for me. Done plenty with Kodi in the past so i’m not someone who is lost because of their first time or anything. Trying to get this setup on my Android phone, I type in the URL go to the zip, click Legion, then I get stuff that is much different than in the video (a folder titled “images” and a file titled “”. That is it. If I go to the zip, it downloads something but not at all what is shown in this video. Sad, was looking forward to checking this out!

  83. sorry soloman u’ve been on point for the most part but this time u struck out… not only are the instruction inaccurate but I was better off with the old version w/ an Exodus or Covenant add-on.

  84. As always – very good and thanks 🙂
    Any chance you could look at the way you title your posts? Perhaps something in the title which gives an idea of the content?

    When I come back here to find a post you have done so that I can send to friends and family I have to try for ages to find the right on.


  85. im not left but why Kodi not uploading the Black Tv series ..just asking check wed line up of Black not working for 2 weeks

  86. Things I didn’t like about this add on: It has reset the picture size (for everything) to default to ‘original’ and so every time I watch something I have to go into setting and select ‘normal’ in order to get a big picture. It wiped all of my favourites. It turned all of my other add ons off (that was a nasty thing to do to other developers. C’mon Solo Man, you should have warned us.

  87. Does not work at all, the builds that you talk about are not there. Only, and even then it does not work like it shows in the video

  88. what? waht aabout stremio the kodi killer ? i m getting tired of chasing my own…. installing one after another of these damn apps. kodi still needs complex addons etc is stremio now no good?? and why?

  89. Brother, the instal goes fine but having nice images and selections that will not even play…at all is useless!

  90. amigo solo man : no abre como legion la add como wizard : y no deja abrir ningun canal .Muchas gracias por su informacion y si nos puede ayudar a mejorar nuestro kodi estariamos muy agradecidos.

    1. Barry Kozdrowsk Unless something has changed, recently, that I missed, FW unlike a very few video addons, does not seem to have the capability for downloading to, say, a folder or external storage. If it did, the saved program could be viewed later, without the stops/starts, freezing and others issues interfering with our viewing experience. I had FW, with and without a vpn, on my windows 7 machine, for over 7 weeks. I have since uninstalled it. Week one gave me the best performance of opening streams quickly and playing right away, with little freezing, stop/starts etc. From week two and forward, a 30 minute program would open quickly, but it would take from one minute to sometimes 15 minutes or more before it would play and then I might encounter freezing, stops etc. I would Force Close the app and try the same program, with other multiple, KODI builds, on my pc. I did not have the same issues as I did with FW. Although I liked what FW could potentially be and I experimented mightily for many weeks, I decided that it was not for me and uninstalled it. I fell back to basics and I am using my customized Krypton and Leia builds, with my favorite video addons to download and view programs later This works fine for me if there are streaming issues, regardless of what the reason is. No big deal. I will not be blaming or bashing SoloMan for FW and the issues I encountered with it, as time passed. I made the conscious choice to install it, at my risk, on my pc. So the results and impact on my pc falls on me not SoloMan or any of the other youtubers with their videos. So if FW isn’t working well for you and your device, it is okay to look around for something that is a good fit for you. Maybe consider, downloading a fresh Krypton from the Kodi site and installing the video addons that you like and work for you and support downloading. I’m sorry for going on sol long for the simple answer you required:). Have a great day.

  91. Any idea how to add English subtitles to foreign movie? Was trying watch “Apocalypto” please help

  92. Any idea how to add English subtitles to foreign movie on Kodi 18.0? Was trying watch “Apocalypto”… please help

  93. Kodi is dead . Solo Man Stop trying to flog a dead horse . Kodi is dead and will never come back from the greave . Try this its fast easy to use and no Kodi no repo and no addons just a download FOR WINDOWS , MAC , OR LINUX

  94. wish you did less chatting something tells me you like the sound of your own voice you might be thick no one ells is

  95. Hi mijo I’m trying to download the downloader and its redirecting me to the Amazon and asking me to update and I have is there any way around down loading the downloader it’s a new fire stick

  96. Nothing working after hitting install from zip file!
    Kodi is dead.
    I use to love your videos…”Hey, What Time Is It????…. It’s APK Time”.
    Now you seem to push all these pay services while forgetting us homie’s who are broke.
    What’s up with that?

  97. Want to use this!!!! But how do I get back to the Kodi Homescreen???? My kodi starts up in a Terrarium TV BUILD 2018-MOVIES/TV SHOWS/LIVE TV??????

  98. Not only did it not automatically pop up as Legion, so I tried to rename it Legion and installing from zip had two files, images and so thats the second error so far. This video needs work my friend

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